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Zulfikarabad Development Authority has been established under the ZDA Act, 2010. The President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari has envisioned the prospective city of Zulfikarabad in the memory of late Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
In pursuance of the Presidential directives and with the approval accorded by the Honorable Chief Minister of Sindh, areas within the four Talukas of the district Thatta (located at the south west border of the Sindh province) namely Keti Bunder, Kharo Chhan, Shah Bunder and Jati lying along the coast have been earmarked for the proposed city of Zulfikarabad on the coastal belt of Sindh. The proposed city is situated at the south west coast of the province of Sindh. It is around 150 kilometers south-east from Karachi—the central hub of the province and the financial capital of Pakistan. The distance can be bifurcated into two legs—60 kilometers from the main National Highway up to Gharo (almost an hour) and 90 kilometers from Gharo—Keti Bunder road, presently under repair and expansion by NHA via small towns of Mirpur Sakro, Buhara, Garho and Baghan.
The proposed city offers a balance between the beauty of nature and the potential for development of a modern, eco-friendly city. The proximity of the proposed city to the major infrastructure and Industrial hub of Karachi would help accelerate the development and expansion phases of the project. For the very purpose of the socio-economic development of the area, the Government of Sindh has earmarked about 350,000 acres of settled government land; however, about 950,000 acres of government land exists under the tidal-zones of the four Talukas submerged on lunar activity.
Zulfikarabad’s location is ideal for development of a new city. The proposed area has all the classic ingredients for developing a world-class modern city with pollution free atmosphere, established agriculture & fisheries occupations, friendly and hospitable local community, islands & coastal sea-front, and communication arteries connecting the area with Karachi and other parts of the province Sindh, thus with the country. In view of the unexplored and virgin resource base, the development opportunities are innumerable—serene sea-front dwelling opportunities, tourism & recreation, exploration of alternate energy sources (solar, wind turbines etc), industrial, residential, and agriculture farming are just to name a few.

The city is envisioned to promote the cultural heritage & aspiration of its people, promoting global harmony through preserving the mystic lure of Sindh and tolerance as taught by the Saints and Sufis of this land, which could be made part of the overall concept for this new city. The design of this new city should be based on convenience for its inhabitants, sustainability of infrastructure, and preservation of its environment-friendly & ecological features. Its proximity to the rural heart land of agriculture and fishing industry makes it potentially a trading hub for fresh farm produce while the location on the coast provides for an opportunity to be a market for sea food which could be its forte to move these products to Karachi and beyond, making it a vibrant market place for the region.

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